Welcome to CYTO U! 

As ISAC’s online portal for on-demand, peer-reviewed cytometry education, on this site you will have access to multi-module courses, recorded sessions from the CYTO conference, and a regular webinar series. The driving principle for CYTO U is to maximize community access to high quality educational materials on flow and image cytometry as well as shared resource lab (SRL) management. 

Live and on-demand webinars are free for all. Additionally, full cytometry courses are free for all ISAC members and offered at a nominal charge to non-members.

Upcoming Webinars & Courses

New! The Art of Dimensionality Reduction: What Really Matters
March 28th at 12pm EST

New! A Guide to Choosing Fluorescent Protein Combinations for Flow Cytometric Analysis Based on Spectral Overlap
April 9th at 12pm EST

New! Multiplexed Fluorescence Microscopy Reveals Heterogeneity Among Stromal Cells in Mouse Bone Marrow Sections
April 15th at 12pm EST

New! Expansion Microscopy: Improving Resolution Through Uniform Specimen Expansion
May 1st at 12pm EST
New! Platelet Flow Cytometry
July 31st at 9am EST

New! Data Analysis Rigor and Reproducility - Part 1 - Experimental Design: Considerations for Rigor and Reproducibility and Computational Analysis
August 15th at 12pm EST

CYTO 2018 Recordings Now Available 

The CYTO 2018 session recordings are now available on-demand if you weren’t able to attend this year, or if you just want to refresh your memory of the highest-attended annual meeting in ISAC’s history! A total of eleven sessions are available including eight Scientific Tutorials, one Plenary Session, one State-of-the-Art Lecture, and the 2018 Robert Hooke lecture presented by Professor Dayong Jin of the University of Technology Sydney.
To register, click on "CYTO Recordings". 

Recently Added On-Demand Webinars